Dr. Jason Rockel

Dr. Jason Rockel, PhD
Scientific Associate


Postdoctoral Fellowship- Sick Kids (2009-2015)

PhD- University of Western Ontario, Canada (2003-2009)


Osteoarthritis, metabolism, biomarkers, cell signaling, mesenchymal stromal cells, animal model of osteoarthritis


Research Interests

During my PhD, I investigated inflammatory signaling mechanisms regulating gene expression in cartilage cells.  Following this, I garnered expertise in transgenic and surgical mouse models of osteoarthritis to determine molecular signals important during joint development that could be exploited to alter the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. My current research focuses on identification of novel biomarkers and therapies for OA. In particular, I am investigating:

  • The relationship between molecular signals in the local joint environment and changes to the systemic metabolome, including their contribution to  the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis
  • Novel biomarkers of osteoarthritis disease state, pain or prognosis related to patient characteristics including age, sex, BMI and ethnicity. 
  • The use of small molecule, biologics and cell therapies for treatment of osteoarthritis

Recent Accomplishments

Japan College of Rheumatology International Workshop Travel Award - 2016 & 2017


Co-supervised by Dr. Armand Keating