Dr. Konstantin Shestopaloff

Dr. Konstantin Shestopaloff, PhD



PhD - Biostatistics, University of Toronto, Canada (2012-2017)

Keywords: biostatistics, statistical ecology, multiple outcomes, sparsity, design of experiments, data mining, metabolomics, microbiome, next generation sequencing

Research Interests:

My PhD studies focused on the development of novel methods for analysing microbiome data in the context of observational cohort studies. The statistical challenges included accounting for sparsity, highly skewed distributions and multiple outcomes in tandem. Other projects included using genome-wide data to model associations of specific bacterial abundances and single nucleotide polymorphisms. My current projects focus on:

  • modelling of blood metabolite concentrations as they relate to osteoarthritis incidence and severity
  • identification of miRNA that are differentially expressed in osteoarthritic patients compared to the general population
  • prediction modelling of spinal surgery outcomes