Next generation Sequencing Center

Our sequencing center provides cost-effective solutions to your sequencing needs. The collaborative process begins by consulting with our sequencing specialist who will work closely with your lab personnel to plan, design, and budget for the proposed sequencing project, providing guidance on sample and library preparation, and perform the sequencing. However, under the guidance of the sequencing specialist, individual labs will be responsible for obtaining the reagents and making their sample libraries. After sequencing, the Centre’s bioinformatician will process the data, and provide the Investigator with an expression matrix for each sample for final analysis and interpretation.

Our sequencing team consists of our sequencing specialist, Dr. Starlee Lively, who oversees the operations of the facility, coordinates the projects, assesses quality control of samples and sequencing library preparation, and conducts any necessary training and troubleshooting on library preparation; Pratibha Potla, our bioinformatician conducts the initial analysis and sequence alignment.  Dr. Osvaldo Espin-Garcia is our senior biostatistician who mines the data and performs the statistical analyses; Dr. Shabana Vohra is our senior bioinformatician with specific expertise in single cell RNA sequencing, single nucleus RNA sequencing and spatial transcriptomics; and Dr. Chiara Pastrello, our computational biologist who identifies signaling pathways and networks related to the potential differentially expressed targets emerging from the sequencing experiments.

Sequencing Team


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