Next Generation Sequencing Platform at Krembil

The Arthritis Centre for Diagnostic and Therapeutic Innovation bring cost-effective Next-Generation Sequencing solutions to the Krembil. We aim to foster collaboration and to help advance the research of Krembil Investigators working in the fields of arthritis, brain and vision.

The collaborative process begins by consulting with our Sequencing Specialist to plan, design and budget for the proposed sequencing project. Our Sequencing Specialist will work closely with lab personnel, providing guidance on sample preparation and training on library preparation; however, individual labs will be responsible for obtaining the reagents and making their sample libraries. Prior to sequencing, our Sequencing Specialist will assess the quality of the prepared libraries. After sequencing, the Centre’s Bioinformatician will process the data, and provide the Investigator with a counted list of miRNAs (or RNAs) for each sample for final analysis and interpretation.


Sequencing Team


For quotes and initial consultation, please contact Dr. Starlee Lively (