Major Research Tools Available in Kapoor Lab:

  • Patient cohorts with varying degree of OA disease severity

  • In vitro/ex vivo models

  • In vivo models for preclinical testing

  • Imaging, Histopathology, Molecular/Cellular Biology

  • Biomarker testing

  • Systems biology

Major Projects:

1. Role of microRNAs (small non-coding RNAs) as potential biomarkers in knee and facet joint (Spine) Osteoarthritis.

2. microRNAs as potential therapeutic targets in limiting joint inflammation, fibrosis and cartilage degeneration during knee and spine Osteoarthritis.

3. Determine the OA disease modifying effects of autophagy-targeted therapies in preclinical in vivo OA models.

4. Potential prognostic and therapeutic roles of Metabolomic signatures in knee Osteoarthritis.

5. Role of Ephrins in fibrosis associated with rheumatic diseases.