Dr. Poulami Datta

Dr. Poulami Datta, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


PhD- University of Calcutta, India (2009-2013)

MSc- University of Calcutta, India (2006-2008)


Osteoarthritis, arthritis, cartilage biology, animal models of osteoarthritis

Research Interests:

My expertise includes animal models of Osteoarthritis, as well as human Osteoarthritis pathogenesis from a molecular, cellular, and biological standpoint.My current work focuses on:

  • The role of diet induced obesity in the initiation and progression of Osteoarthritis. Presently, it’s believed that obesity plays an important role in the pathogenesis of OA by exerting mechanical forces on the knee joints and by excess secretion of metabolic factors
  • How diet and obesity cause longitudinal changes in metabolism and Osteoarthritis- include this?
  • Development of new therapeutic targets and therapies to reduce the burden of OA pathogenesis

Recent Accomplishments


Krembil Research Day - Oral Presentation Award (2016) 

Fall Postdoctoral & Clinical Research Fellowship Award Competition (2016-2017) 

Japan College of Rheumatology Travel Award (2016)

Japan College of Rheumatology Travel Award (2017)

Krembil Research Day – Postdoctoral Poster Presentation Award (2017) 


2017 Canadian Connective Tissue Society Conference: Oral Presentation

2017 Young Investigator Forum on Preclinical Musculoskeletal Health Research: Oral Presentation

2017 Krembil Research Day: Poster Presentation

2017 Japan College of Rheumatology: Oral Presentation

2016 Japan College of Rheumatology: Oral Presentation

2016 Krembil Research Day: Oral Presentation

2016 Gallie Day: Poster Presentation