Dr. Shabana Amanda Ali

Dr. Shabana Amanda Ali, PhD
Postdoctoral Research Fellow


Postdoctoral Fellowship – University of Western Ontario, Canada (2015-2016)

PhD – University of Toronto, Canada (2007-2014)


osteoarthritis, molecular biology, genomics, biomarkers, genetically modified mice, translational research, qualitative methods, disease management, pragmatic trials

Research Interests:

My interest is in translating osteoarthritis research findings from laboratory to clinic to community. Having studied osteoarthritis from both basic science and applied research perspectives, I am uniquely equipped to bridge gaps between disciplines. During my PhD, I identified cholesterol in the cartilage as a contributor to osteoarthritis severity (Ali, 2016, Arthritis & Rheumatology). During my first Postdoctoral Fellowship, I identified strengths and limitations of osteoarthritis pragmatic trials as an implementation methodology (Ali, 2017, Rheumatology). My current research aims to discover biomarkers to improve the diagnosis and treatment of osteoarthritis, and to elucidate underlying mechanisms of synovial fibrosis in osteoarthritis.

Recent Accomplishments


Krembil Research Day - First Place Poster Presentation Prize (2019)

CIHR Institute of Musculoskeletal Health and Arthritis - Research Awards Program (2018)

The Arthritis Society Trainee Workshop – Consumers' Choice (2018)

The Arthritis Society Trainee Workshop – Favourite Elevator Pitch (2018)

The Arthritis Alliance of Canada Postdoctoral Fellowship Research Award (2018)

The Arthritis Society Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (2018-2020)

Oral Presentation prize, 24th Annual Canadian Connective Tissue Conference (2018)

Fall Postdoctoral & Clinical Research Fellowship Award Competition (2017-2018)

Krembil Research Day – People’s Choice Award for 3 minute Elevator Pitch Presentation (2017) 

Krembil Research Institute Postdoctoral Fellowship - Krembil Postdoctoral Fellowship (2017)

CIHR Travel Award – Institute of Population and Public Health (2017) 

Canadian Geriatrics Society – Annual Scientific Meeting Travel Grant (2017)


2019 Krembil Research Institute, UHN: How To Pitch Your CEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C91KmKcW9G0

2019 Krembil Research Day: Circulating microRNA signatures identified in early versus late knee osteoarthritis, Toronto, Canada. [Poster presentation]

2019 Symposium on Advances in Joint Health and Disease, Arthritis Program UHN and Bone and Joint Institute UWO: The big potential of small molecules in knee OA: next generation sequencing of circulating microRNAs reveals a unique signature. Toronto, Canada.

2018 International Workshop on the Epigenetics of Osteoarthritis: MicroRNA discovery in early knee osteoarthritis using next generation sequencing. Ireland.

2018 Arthritis Program Research Rounds, University Health Network: Arthritis Program Sequencing Platform for Biomarker and Therapeutic Discovery. Toronto, Canada. 

2018 Krembil Seminar Series, Krembil Research Institute: MicroRNA discovery in early and late knee osteoarthritis using next generation sequencing. Toronto, Canada. 

2018 Canadian Connective Tissue Conference, University of Toronto: Next Generation Sequencing as a Tool for MicroRNA Discovery in Knee Osteoarthritis. Toronto, Canada. 

2018 The Arthritis Society Trainee Workshop: MicroRNA discovery in early and late knee osteoarthritis using next generation sequencing, Toronto, Canada. [Poster presentation]

2018 Canadian Bone and Joint Conference: MicroRNA discovery in knee osteoarthritis using next generation sequencing, London, Canada. [Poster presentation]

2018 Annual Scientific Meeting of the Japan College of Rheumatology: MicroRNA discovery in knee osteoarthritis using next generation sequencing, Tokyo, Japan. [Poster presentation]

2017 Arthritis Advisory Board Meeting, UHN: Investigating the role of adipokines in synovium from early and late knee osteoarthritis. Toronto, Canada. [Poster presentation]

2017 International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics World Congress: Engaging Urban and Rural Seniors as Research Partners to Improve Chronic Disease Management. San Francisco, United States.

2017 Canadian Connective Tissue Society Conference: Oral Presentation on Identifying Gli Transcriptional Targets In Chondrosarcoma Using Next Generation Sequencing

2017 Krembil Research Day: 3 minute elevator pitch on Biomarker discovery in osteoarthritis: identifying novel microRNAs

2017 Arthritis Program, UHN, Research Rounds: Oral Presentation on Osteoarthritis from science to society and back again: identifying novel circulating microRNAs