Dr. Starlee Lively

Starlee Lively, PhD
Scientific Associate


PhD – University of Toronto (2001-2008)

Key words:

Inflammation, extracellular matrix, molecular biology, biomarkers, cell signaling, microglia, macrophages, animal models of stroke and epilepsy



Research Interests:

My graduate studies focused on how the plastic nature of the brain’s extracellular matrix alters neuron and astrocyte function during development and after extended seizure activity. Then, for my post-graduate years, I shifted gears to another aspect of the extracellular environment, namely the role of cytokines and growth factors, in modulating the brain’s responses to ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke. I also examined the role of ion channels in regulating inflammatory responses. Recently, I have focused on how sex and species influence the inflammatory reaction of the brain’s resident macrophage, microglia. My current research aims to better understand inflammatory responses and epigenetic regulation underlying the pathogenesis of osteoarthritis. In particular, my focus is on identifying novel biomarkers and therapeutic targets of osteoarthritis using Next-Generation Sequencing.


Recent Accomplishments:


2019 Krembil Research Day: Circulating microRNA signatures identified in early versus late knee osteoarthritis, Toronto, Canada. [Poster presentation]